Experience under Satan’s Seal (The Seal of Saturn)

Experience Under Saturn's Seal
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Experience under Satan’s Seal (The Seal of Saturn)

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In the counseling experience, it is important to be able to recognize if a client is living mostly only in the Saturn chakra or realm. One obvious clue is if they have no career going for them, no way or path through Saturn, and are thus unable to make a living, and simply support themselves. But there are psychological correlates as well. Here is some prose that should make the Saturn experience more clear:

“The psychological experience under Saturn or time is to know only total fear for our life. The external world sulks, looms ominous, and threatens disaster and accidents at every street’s crossing. We are wrapped in the rush of time, tearing at hour’s hearts. Every single thing, every outer edge and hard person, only serves to cause us to put off our life, to postpone real living, and sends us scurrying fast into the future, hoping, hoping, hoping — someday, somewhere, to find the chance to be ourselves, to have the time and space to live, and to bloom. Living in this state of fear, we put off endlessly until tomorrow what we find just too hard to do today.”

If you have ever been out of work or unable to make a living and support yourself, you have had a glimpse of what living under Saturn’s seal is all about. It is about waking up at 3 AM and wondering how you are going to pay that bill. It is about panic, hope, and fear.
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