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Poster Expert Brad Kelly

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Poster Expert Brad Kelly

by Michael Erlewine

Brad Kelly was born in New Jersey in 1970, and was taking lessons in drawing and art by the age of nine. Kelly attended his first rock concert in 1982, the Jefferson Starship. He was soon learning to play the drums and has been in about ten bands to date, including a stint in the late 1990s with the "Third Bardo," and their hit "I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time."

In 1987, Kelly got serious about posters, partially after attending his first Grateful Dead Concert, plus many trips to the Psychedelic Solution Gallery in NYC. Soon he was a regular visitor to the gallery and mentioned to the owner, Jacaeber Kastor, that if he ever needed any help, to give him a call. Before long, Kelly was working there. This was in 1993, after he had graduated from Ithaca College, with a degree in Fine Art. He also contributed and was credited in the 1997 book, "Art of the Fillmore."

Brad Kelly has worked at the Psychedelic Solution Gallery for the past eleven years, learning posters from Jacaeber Kaster, who experts agree is the expert's expert. Kelly has examined, appraised, bought and sold thousands of posters, not to mention serving as an advisor to many of the top collectors in the field. The Psychedelic Solution Gallery closed in late 2004, and Brad Kelly continues with his work with posters. Kelly lives in New York City with his girlfriend Michele and their two not-too-smart carts. is proud to welcome Kelly on board as our principal expert-in-house and appraiser. You can be sure that collections and runs of posters brought to our attention will receive expert attention.
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