General poster history and rock posters from the 1950s onward
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November 28, 2010
By Michael Erlewine (

Some of you have asked about the Internet site I created some years ago, It is still alive and well, but there are some changes. To bring you up to date: Years ago, aside from creating the All-Music Guide (, the All-Movie Guide (, I also created a number of other sites archiving popular culture, and one of my very favorites is

I did this pretty much all by myself, with just a little help. It took me years. I have always been fascinated with rock music posters, ever since I designed, cut the Rubylith, and silkscreened the posters for my band the Prime Movers Blues Band in the mid 1960s (see earlier post on my Wall for examples of my posters). After I founded, developed, and sold AMG (All-Media Guides), I created, which included my having to photograph hi-res images of some 30,000 vintage and valuable rock posters. I built my own vacuum table, and so forth.

I developed and ran the site for a couple of years and then did two things with it. I sold the name and a donated a copy of my complete database of poster images, dates, sizes, bands who played on each poster, etc. to a worthy company who wanted to carry on my poster work and was doing great work on their own.

I also donated a complete copy, including all the hi-res images to the prestigious Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan, so that scholars and people like you and me would always have access to the data, history, and images.

The Bentley is now preparing both on-site access for scholars and students as well as a web site where anyone can study and see images from this very important part of our popular culture’s history – rock concert posters, the actual posters printed for each event, and often torn down and taken home as souvenirs.

I include a link to the current site of for those interested. Check it out.
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